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tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities that women and teens face in today's world. 

Empowering wealth starts with a conversation.

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Empowering Millennial Women: Financial and Communication Classes for a Secure Future



Wealthy Words for Women 
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  • Coming Soon:¬†Self-Paced Cohort Launch: 6 Sessions On-Demand, at YOUR PACE!
  • Discover and create your 6-step Wealth Building Empowerment Path!
  • Master your budget¬†& spending habits.
  • Build Credit, Reduce Debt.¬†
  • Begin First Steps for Investing.
  • Plan for retirement¬†
  • Protect your¬†legacy¬†
  • Create¬†more time and money for Career, Travel, Family, and Personal Well-being.
  • Empower Tough conversations of money, family, and career
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Wealthy Words for Women Cohort: I thought I had my money in some good assets, but then when I started losing money I realized I needed to change something. Having this conversation of money and understanding how to spread my money across different asset classes transformed my accounts and peace of mind. 

Sheryl, FE Participant

Teens Cohort: My godson and I had a powerful conversation about his goals for earning and saving money. I was elated to hear him speaking of his choices of what to do with his money. This course has supported him in getting clarity on his future goals of getting a job, saving for college, and really thinking of where his money will go. 

Robert, Parent of FE Student

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Financial decision maker

Live Free: Experience the freedom that comes with financial independence and powerful conversations.

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Accomplish Goals: Set achievable financial goals and learn how to turn them into a reality.

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Communicate mindfully, creating effective conversations  that bring you closer to the life you want. 

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Less Stress: Gain peace of mind and confidence by taking control of your financial situation and reducing money-related stress.

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Communicate: Take on Tough Conversations without avoiding or hiding. Reclaim your Power!

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"Having those 'difficult' financial conversations with my spouse was something I struggled with before this session." - Permelia

" I now understand how dividing short term goals from long term goals
will help me become successful with my money, career, wellbeing, family, and, surprisingly, love." - Sofi

"I would recommend these sessions to women who want to get ahead. 
It's easy to understand and the tools make sense and are easy to follow." - Jacqueline

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All TEEN courses feature  Nearpod Interactive lessons, CASEL 5 social-emotional learning, Council for Economic Education, Next Gen Personal Finance, and Jump$tart National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education

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Teens Cohorts available in the Fall and Spring.
Check back for latest offerings to prepare your teen for the real world.

Teach them to thrive with money, not just survive! 

Hi, My Name is Jess Bryan.

I am passionate about creating POSSIBILITIES that EMPOWER relationships, prosperity, fulfillment and success. I am a global educator with 15 years experience as a teacher of primary, secondary, adult and special education. 


Welcome to Future Empowered!

Future Empowered was born from life’s most critical skills: Money and Communication. Through FE my vision of fulfillment, prosperity, and freedom is bringing opportunities to transform the impact of conversations that build wealth.

As a young adult, I struggled to understand lofty money management terms and strategies. I had a saver’s mindset and I wasn’t overly drawn to glitz and glamor. However, I had terrible spending habits and assumptions of what money was supposed to be for. My relationship with money was always from a place of lack, disempowering conversations, or lack thereof, and angst in never having enough. My godfather helped me understand how to better manage my finances, sharing his strategies that helped our family be stable and secure. Nevertheless, fear and lack was always lurking around the corner.


Jess Bryan

I began to vigorously research and understand how I could grow my money, pay my bills, travel the world and make an impact in education.

As a global educator, I implemented classroom economy systems that would guide my students through real-world, hands-on experiences of money. My travels taught me of the urgent need for financial literacy in schools, a most critical skill many of us never learned when we were younger. Designing curriculums that would prepare my students to not just survive, but thrive, opened new doors to new opportunities.

Even more, we are seldom taught how to have conversations with ourselves and others that are effective, action-driven, and results-oriented.

I immersed myself in personal finance and mindful communication skills learning, taking on certifications and licenses to strengthen my mindset, personal accounts, and relationships. Now, I share this knowledge and wisdom with women and teens looking for financial empowerment. When we invest in educating ourselves, the return on investment always leads to compounding our dreams and aspirations. Join me to have freedom and peace of mind in your relationships and finances. 

Stay Empowered, 

Jess Bryan, CEO/Founder

What They Say

I was honestly scared to death to really show up and participate in #Lightbeamers, so I watched mostly since January. I posted once or twice so I didnt feel so guilty about lurking from the sidelines. (All or nothing kind of girl) My full story terrifes me, however, after this week I feel much more confident breaking it down and sharing pieces, chapters with the world. The stories that I have shared were so well received on my personal pages, that I have the courage to continue and to keep growing. I will be visible and shine my bight light everywhere, its glow grows daily. 0

-Beth Bowman

First off, thank you pawTree for giving us this amazing opportunity. You'll probably never know how many lives you have changed. CO Second, thank you April! You gave us a challenge that was difficult, yet achievable, and your explanations and examples really showed us exactly what to do. jp My wins and take-aways: ‚Ė™ I'm pretty sure this is the first challenge I've ever completed 6 ‚Ė™ discovered that doing a FB live won't, in fact, kill me 0 III I finally understand the concept behind using storytelling to grow my business and that it's actually quite fun! 10 Other petPros (even the "big dogs") have the same fears and challenges that I do, so I need to quit with the excuses and get busy already.

-Laurie Emerson

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